Blackboard TopicDownloadable DocumentVideo or Video ClipResources designated as "master course friendly" are for courses where course content should not be changed, but the instructor can make some adjustments.
Adaptive ReleaseDOC
AnnouncementsDOCVideoMaster course friendly
Assignment Using a Rubric- How to GradeDOCMaster course friendly
Assignment- How to CreateDOCCreate an Assignment AND Inline Grading: Video Clip
Assignment- How to Delete and Allow Additional AttemptDOC
Assignment- Provide Audio and Video Feedback on an Assignment in BlackboardDOCVideo
How students view instructor audio feedback
Master course friendly
Bulk Delete DOCVideo
Color Code the Grade Center- How toDOC
Common Test Question Types: True/Fall, Multiple Choice, Matching, Hot SpotDOC
Content Collection: Manage size limit of your courseVideo
Content Editor - Updated in Blackboard Fall 2020Link to resources
Content Folder- How to AddDOCVideo Clip
Copy Course Content from one Course to AnotherDOC
Course Banner- How to AddDOC
Course Content- How to View and EditDOCVideo Clip
Course Copy (Entire Course) from a Blackboard Course to Another Blackboard CourseDOCVideo
Course MessagesDOC
Course Theme Colors- How to ChangeDOC
Courses - How to Find (updated Summer 2022)VideoMaster course friendly
Date Management (bulk change due dates)Link to Blackboard Help PageVideo Tutorial
Discussion Boards- How to View, Subscribe, Read and RespondDOCVideo Clip - Subscribe
Video Clip - View, Read, and Respond
Master course friendly
Discussion Forum- How to CreateDOCVideo Clip
Discussion Forums- How to GradeDOCVideo ClipMaster course friendly
Email Tool in BlackboardDOCMaster course friendly
File- How to UploadDOCVideo Clip
Grade Center - Create a Weighted Column for a CategoryVideo Clip
Grade Center - Create and Average ColumnVideo Clip
Grade Center - Edit Grading Schema (if you want to display a letter grade in the Grade Center)Video
Grade Center - How to Filter ColumnsDOC
Grade Center - If you have to remove a zero after a student submits an assignmentVideo ClipMaster course friendly
Grade Center - Overview and Set UpDOCVideo
Grade Center - Send Email Reminder to Students Who Have Not Submitted and AssignmentVideoMaster course friendly
Grade Center - Set an assignment to show Pass/FailVideo Clip
Grade Center - Set Primary and Secondary Display for Final Grade ColumnVideo Clip
Grade Center - Set the External GradeVideo Clip
Grade Center - Smart ViewsDOC
Grade Center - Troubleshooting TipsDOC
Grades from Blackboard Learn to an Excel Spreadsheet- How to DownloadDOC
Group Assignment- How to Create and GradeDOCVideo Clip - Create
Video Clip - Grade
Group Courses by TermDOCVideo ClipMaster course friendly
Group Discussion Board - How to CreateVideo Clip
Group Tools in BlackboardDOC
Groups - Student ViewVideo Clip
Groups- How to CreateDOCVideo Clip
Inline Grading- How to Grade a Blackboard AssignmentDOCInline Grading and Adding an Assignment: Video Clip
Item (Text, Image, Link or Document)- How to AddDOC
Jot Assignment- How to AddDOC
Journal - How to GradeVideo ClipMaster course friendly
Journal - How to Set UpVideo Clip
Journal - Link it in Multiple Locations in your CourseVideo Clip
Log In and Find Your CourseDOCVideo ClipMaster course friendly
Module to the Home Page of your Course- How to AddDOC
Needs Grading Using the Content LibraryVideoMaster course friendly
NotificationsDOCMaster course friendly
Open a Course- How to Open and Set the Date it OpensDOCVideo
Open Course to StudentsDOCVideo
Portfolios in BlackboardDOC
Question Pools- How to CreateDOC
Rubric- How to Attach to an AssignmentDOC
Rubric- How to Copy to Another CourseDOC
Rubric- How to CreateDOC
SafeAssignment (Direct Submissions)DOCMaster course friendly
Save Space in Your CourseDOC
Student Preview Mode- How to ViewDOCMaster course friendly
Student Success Reports in Your Blackboard CourseDOCVideo
Test Availability - How to Set Exceptions for AccommodationsDOCVideoMaster course friendly
Test: Copy from one Course to AnotherDOC
Test: Explanation of Feedback Options to StudentsLink to Blackboard Resource
Test: Give Full Credit to All Students for a Test QuestionDOCMaster course friendly
Test: How to CreateDOC
Test: How to Deploy (Connect to Content Page)DOC
Test: Student- How to AddDOC
Tests: View Test Answers and Set TimerDOCMaster course friendly
User- How to AddDOC
Video link: How to add a thumbnailVideo
Web Link- How to AddDOC
YouTube Mashup Tool (Another Way to Add a Video)- How to AddDOC
YouTube Video into an Item- How to EmbedDOC

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