What is Voicethread?

Voicethread is an application in Blackboard that allows for uploading, sharing, and discussing documents, presentations, images, and videos. Students and Instructors interact with the content and each other by using one of five powerful commenting options: microphone, webcam, text, phone, and audio-file upload.

How do I Access Voicethread?

If your course uses Voicethread, click on any Voicethread link in the course in Blackboard. No separate sign in is needed for students or instructors.


  • Comment on a Voicethread
  • Create a Voicethread
    • If uploading a PPT file, it is recommended to save the file as a PDF, then upload it to Voicethread.
    • When adding your initial voiceover to your Voicethread with multiple pages, remember these steps:
      • Record,
      • Click Stop,
      • Click the arrow to go to next slide
      • Repeat
  • More VoiceThread Tutorials:
  • Recording of VoiceThread for Newbies session from August, 2022.
  • Instructors only:
    • Where to find the link to add Voicethread to your course:
      • On the Content page, hover over Build Content, then click Voicethread
      • Vt link
    • Help with Voicethread settings on common assignments:
      • Assignment description: Instructor creates a discussion prompts and students respond to the prompt; Peer comments required:
        • Voicethread settings:
          • Use a “Comment Assignment” where the instructor posts the prompt as the VoiceThread on which students will record comments.  The minimum number of comments should be what you are requiring for the initial post PLUS the number of responses you want.  If you want students to post 1 answer and 2 responses, the total number of comments required should be 3.
          • Important feature settings:
            Comment Moderation OFF
            Threaded commenting ON
      • Assignment description: Students create a PowerPoint and narrate it in VoiceThread; Peer comments required.
        • Voicethread settings:
          • Use a “Create Assignment.” Require at least 1 slide and 1 comment.  Students will submit their original powerpoint and then use the student gallery to view other classmates’ submissions and responds.
          • Important feature settings:
            Comment Moderation OFF
            Threaded commenting ON
            Student Gallery ON
  • VoiceThread session recording given by VoiceThread Staff just for CUWAA Faculty on July 20, 2023: Session Recording
  • Link to the VoiceThread blog.
  • Link to the VoiceThread YouTube channel.

How to Get Help

For help with using Voicethread contact the IT Help Desk at ithelpdesk@cuw.edu, call 262-243-4357, or contact support@voicethread.com