Fall 2021 Mequon Traditional Adjunct In-Service/Orientation August 25 on Zoom


PPT: Fall 2021 Mequon Adjunct In-Service Orientation

Fall Teaching 2021 from Interim Provost

CU ARC COVID19 Update Fall 2021

PPT: What it Means to be Lutheran by Dan Paavola

Concordia University Blackboard Use for Faculty (August 2021)

Blackboard and Other Resources Handout

Syllabus Template and Instructions

Global Learning Outcomes and FOCUS 2021-22 Service and Global Citizenship

Find and Acknowledge your Faculty Contract (Fall 2021)


Assessment PARTY 2021

PARTY 21 PPT August 19 and 23, 2021

Handout on GLO #2 Categories


Coming up: The University Catalog in which your program appears (G or UG) will be the Official CU home for all your program PLOs as of the 22-23 Catalog, to be completed in Spring 2022.
As you make improvements in your program and see the need to update your PLOs,  update them annually in the catalog and your curriculum map if they change.

Link to University Global Outcomes https://www.cuw.edu/about/offices/institutional-effectiveness/outcome-statements.html

What is EAC? With Susan Gallanis https://cuwaa.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=65399f4f-6452-4106-b5d3-ad83014c4466

Instructions for 2020-2021 Academic Program Assessment Reporting: https://celt.cuw.edu/2020-2021-academic-program-assessment-reporting/

Faculty Development Day – August 5, 2021

Here are the recordings and resources used in the sessions from the Faculty Development Day on August 5, 2021:

Designing your Course and Syllabus (with Kate Robertson and Elizabeth Evans)



Syllabus Outline, PowerPoint, Evaluation, Syllabus Template, Sample Syllabus – BIO 301, Sample Syllabus – CCE 110, Sample Syllabus – MGMT 336, Blooms Chart, Blooms Taxonomy Wheel, Blooms Taxonomy Verbs, Tentative Course Schedule, Fall 2021 Dates

Blackboard Basics (with Susan Gallanis and Justin Frisque)



Faculty Resources (with Elizabeth Evans, Susan Gallanis, and Rachel Heil)



Active Lecturing (with Susan Gallanis)


Zoom and Recordings (with Justin Frisque)