Worldview of Worldviews: What the Christian Worldview Means for our Teaching and Learning at Concordia

Join us for this Faith, Learning and Vocation event on Wednesday September 28, 12:00-1:00 in the Lake Shore Room
Led by Jason Lane (Theology) and Susan Mobley (History)

Miss the session? Here is a link to the recorded session: link to recording

The University Liberal Arts Outcomes (ULAOs) include a learning outcome on worldview proficiency. This session introduces faculty to an understanding of how a Christian worldview informs teaching and learning and includes practical examples of how to integrate a Christian worldview in classroom discussions in multiple disciplines.

Core Curriculum Vision Statement

Jason Lane’s Handout

Susan Mobley’s Handout

Worldview Powerpoint

Pitfalls of Writing Learning Objectives and Writing Multiple Choice Test Questions

Resources related to the above September 2016 Lunch and Learn presented by Beth DeJongh (Pharmacy) and Susan Gallanis (CELT).

PowerPoint Slides: link to resource

A collection of Bloom’s Taxonomy verbs: link to resource

Another example of Bloom’s Taxonomy: link to resource

Writing Learning Objectives Using Bloom’s Taxonomy from UNC Charlotte: link to resource

Another resource for writing learning objectives: link to resource

15-minute YouTube video from Greg Williams about writing learning objectives: link to video

How to Write Better Tests from Lucy Jacobs at Indiana University: link to resource

A resource for writing multiple choice test questions from the Concordia University library (you will need to log into the CU library to view): CUW link      CUAA link