Practices & Processes: Syllabus Submission to Provost and Banner Course Information Form

New in October 2021: Banner Course Information MACH Form:

Departments use this form to notify the Registrar’s Office of changes to course-level information. Changes are normally a result of updates to program requirements, or adding elective course options. When course changes impact overall program requirements and require APST, complete the APST process first. Once Academic Council has approved program changes, then complete the BCI form and attach the program change approval from the Provost’s Office. NOTE: Information submitted on the BCI form, including course descriptions, should be the same information used when submitting your syllabi for approval to the Provost’s Office.

New in October 2021: Syllabus Submission to Provost MACH Form:

Departments use this form to submit up to seven (7) new or revised official course syllabi of the same course subject (i.e. EDG, COMM, PHAR) that have been approved by the Department Chair/Program Director.  Within the MACH form, the syllabi go to the appropriate Dean or Dean designate for approval before consideration by the Provost Office. Include the confirmation that the Banner Course Information Mach Form was submitted when submitting a syllabus with those changes.
Include the emails of all persons who should receive the confirmation e-mail once the final version of the syllabus is approved by the Provost Office.

Here are the resources and recording for this session that was held on 10/8/2021:



Current Approved Syllabi On File 10-05-2021

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