Faculty Scholarship Week Events

Here are the recordings and resources used at the sessions of these events:

Monday – 4/19/2021 – Presentations from Michael Oldani, Uvi Castillo, Tzvia Springer, and Terry-Elinor Reid

Wednesday – 4/21/2021 – Posters from Jennifer Bueby, Christopher Cunningham, Sarah Collins, Lisa Adams-Qualls, Nicole Ostrowski, Sara Koeferl, Amy Lindgren, Tracey Tuffey, and Rachel Pickett

Thursday – 4/22/2021 – Presentations from Steve Taylor and Linda Hensel

Friday – 4/23/2021 – Presentations from Stacy Stolzman, Sandy Slater, Natalie Ross, Rachele Arnoldussen, Beth Buckley, Pollyanna Kabara, Katrina Serwe, and Cindy Witte