Blackboard Learn Resources for MBA and Graduate Faculty (for face-to-face courses)

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Blackboard Learn for MBA Faculty - Complete document (a breakdown of documents is below)
Log in, find your courses, and find contentLog in, find your courses, find course content
How to add a content folderHow to add a content folder
Upload a fileUpload a file
Create a discussion forumCreate a discussion forum
Discussion forums: view, subscribe, read, respondDiscussion forums: view, subscribe, read, respond
Grade a discussion forumGrade a discussion forum
Create an Assignment (Drop Box in Angel)Create an Assignment (Dropbox in ANGEL)
View and grade an assignmentView and grade an assignment
Delete an assignmentDelete an assignment
Grade center basic overviewGrade center basic overview
Open Course to StudentsOpen Course to Students

Designing and Teaching your Course Using Blackboard Learn (for face-to-face courses)

DESIGNING YOUR COURSE - Click on the DOC or VIDEO links below to download or view the materialsTEACHING YOUR COURSE - Click on the DOC or VIDEO links below to download or view the materials
Adaptive Release DOC / VIDEOAdd Video Feedback DOC /
Add a Content Folder DOC / VIDEOCourse Messages DOC / VIDEO
Add a File DOC / VIDEOCreate Announcements DOC / VIDEO
Add Course Evaluation Module DOC/
Add a Module Page and a Module to the Page DOC/Create and Grade a Group Assignment (Drop Box) DOC /
Add a Module to the Home Page of your Course DOC/Creating Groups DOC /
Adding Panopto DOC / VIDEODelete an Assignment DOC / VIDEO
Add a Test Student DOC / VIDEODiscussion Boards: View, Subscribe, Read, and Respond DOC / VIDEO
Add a User DOC / VIDEODiscussion Board Views DOC / VIDEO
Add a Weblink DOC / VIDEODownload Grades from Grade Center to an Excel Spreadsheet DOC / VIDEO
Attach a Rubric to an Assignment DOC / VIDEOFilter Grade Center Columns DOC / VIDEO
Build Question Pools DOC / VIDEOGrade Discussion Forums DOC / VIDEO
Change Course Theme Colors and Add a Banner DOC / VIDEOGrade Using a Rubric DOC / VIDEO
Group Tools DOC/
Copy a Course in Blackboard to Another Blackboard Course DOC / VIDEOManually Grade an Assignment (ex. participation) DOC / VIDEO
Copy a Rubric from One Blackboard Learn Course to Another DOC / VIDEOSafeAssignment (Direct Submissions) DOC / VIDEO
Copy a Test from One Blackboard Learn Course to Another DOC / VIDEOSend Email DOC / VIDEO
Copy Course Content from Blackboard to Blackboard
- Not a Full Course Copy DOC / VIDEO
Set Test Availability ExceptionsDOC / VIDEO
Create a Discussion Forum DOC / VIDEOUse Inline Grading for Assignments DOC / VIDEO
Create an Assignment DOC / VIDEOView User Statistics DOC / VIDEO
Create and Deploy an Assessment DOC / VIDEOWorkaround for Grade Center (April 2017) - Seeing wrong student assignment DOC
Create an Item DOC / VIDEO
Create a Rubric DOC / VIDEO
Create Smart Views in Grade Center DOC / VIDEO
Embed a YouTube Video Using the Embed Code DOC / VIDEO
Embed a YouTube Video Using the Mashup Tool DOC / VIDEO
Group Your Courses by Term DOC / VIDEO
How to Save Space in Your Course
Log in, Find Your Courses, and Find Content DOC / VIDEO
Open Course to Students DOC / VIDEO
Open Course to Students (NEW for Fall 2017 - Quicker!) DOC
Set Notifications DOC / VIDEO
Set Up the Grade Center DOC / VIDEO
Drop Lowest Quiz Grade when using a Point-based Grade Center DOC
Student Preview Mode DOC / VIDEO
Tips for Setting Up the Grade Center DOC /
Turn Guest Access On or Off DOC