Faculty Scholarship Week Events

Here are the recordings and resources used at the sessions of these events:

Monday – 4/19/2021 – Presentations from Michael Oldani, Uvi Castillo, Tzvia Springer, and Terry-Elinor Reid

Wednesday – 4/21/2021 – Posters from Jennifer Bueby, Christopher Cunningham, Sarah Collins, Lisa Adams-Qualls, Nicole Ostrowski, Sara Koeferl, Amy Lindgren, Tracey Tuffey, and Rachel Pickett

Thursday – 4/22/2021 – Presentations from Steve Taylor and Linda Hensel

Friday – 4/23/2021 – Presentations from Stacy Stolzman, Sandy Slater, Natalie Ross, Rachele Arnoldussen, Beth Buckley, Pollyanna Kabara, Katrina Serwe, and Cindy Witte

2021-2022 Concordia Intramural Teaching Grant (CITG)

The Concordia Intramural Teaching Grant (CITG) is available to full-time faculty of Concordia University teaching a course in 2021-2022 incorporating a planned innovation which improves student learning.

Of special interest this year, projects that involve the following will be prioritized

  1. Identifying, implementing and evaluating an instructional model that facilitates mixing of traditional and post-traditional students
  2. Identifying, implementing and evaluating a pedagogical approach that serves diverse students
  3. Developing a writing intensive course in connection with Writing Across the Curriculum

The grant can be applied to team teaching a course for the amount of the additional faculty pay at the adjunct rate.

Faculty are encouraged to consider developing a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) project connected to the innovation implemented.

Please review the application instructions and policies document and develop your grant proposal in a word document. The application cover and signature page must be completed and signed electronically and then submitted with the word document by June 15 to elizabeth.evans@cuw.edu

Please contact elizabeth.evans@cuw.edu or Erin.Laverick@cuaa.edu with your questions.

CITG Part 1 of 2: 2021-2022 Application Instructions, Policies due June 15, 2021
CITG Part 2 of 2: Electronic Application Cover and Signature Page

Blackboard Course Size Limits

  • Blackboard courses have a 1GB size limit.
  • When the course size reaches 500MB, faculty will see this alert in Blackboard that the “soft limit” has been reached

soft limit

  • If the course size maximum of 1GB is reached, faculty will no longer be able to upload course content and will see this message when attempting to upload a file.


How to reduce Blackboard course size

  • Avoid reaching the course maximum from the start. Do not upload the following file types:
  • If approaching or the course has reached the maximum, reduce course size by doing this:
    • Delete large files from the Content page AND
    • Delete the file from the Content Collection. See image below for an example. After clicking on Content Collection, click on the option that includes the course 5-digit CRN.

Content Collection