Syllabus Template and Instructions

Attached are the 2024-2025 syllabus template, instructions, and changes from 2022-2024 for faculty at Concordia University.

Concordia-Syllabus-Template-2024-2025 04-01-2024 Final

Instructions-Syllabus-Template-and-Submission April 1, 2024 for 2024-2025

Concordia-Syllabus-Template-track changes for 2024-5 03-21-2024

Syllabus Template Changes for 2024-2025 List

Supporting Information for Syllabi Creation/Revision

Program leaders submit your Syllabus to the Academic Office through this MACH Form: The form has been updated to accept only one syllabus at a time.

Syllabi submitted by Department Chairs or Program Directors to the Academic Office through the mach form should be based on the current syllabus template, should include effective learning outcomes linked to program outcomes and ULAOs or Global Learning Outcomes, and must match the catalog number, complete title, credits, description and pre-requisites exactly. If you need help crafting syllabi, or have questions about submitting to the Academic Office, contact Elizabeth Evans.

When the only changes to courses do not require Academic Council approval, such as changing the course description, grade mode, co-requisites or pre-requisites, report changes by December 1, 2023  to the Registrar through the General BCI form

Revised Syllabus Continuity

All new four-digit course numbers mean an updated syllabus should be submitted to the Academic Office as per the Faculty Handbook 5.2.D:

A change to any of the following components of a course require that the department or program submit the syllabus for review as a “revised” syllabus:

  1. Course Title
  2. Course Number
  3. Credit Hours
  4. Course description (aka catalog description)

When a revised syllabus is submitted for a course that has changed title or number, please indicate the previous title and/or number for reference in your submission in the additional comments.


If you have questions about the Syllabus Template or Submissions to the Academic Office MACH Form, please contact Elizabeth Evans.

If you have questions about the Banner Course Information MACH Form, contact Allison Wolf.

April 4, 2024

Elizabeth Evans