CUAA Syllabus Construction Workshop (August 8, 2018)

This Fall Georgia Kreiger led this session. Below are related handouts.

Course Design and Syllabus Construction Workshop Outline Link to Document

PowerPoint Slides  Link to Document

Board Global Ends Policy Diagram + University Liberal Arts Outcomes and Proficiencies (ULOAs)

Draft of Possible Evaluation of Instruction at CU Model  Link to Document

Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy  Link to Document

Bloom’s Taxonomy Verbs  Link to Document

Bloom’s Taxonomy Wheel

Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy Process Verbs, Assessments, and Questioning Strategies

Elements of the Concordia Syllabus Link to Document

Syllabus Template, Instructions and Credit Hour Policy

Sample Syllabus Language for Behavioral Expectations  Link to Document

Fall 2018 Semester Schedule  Link to Document

Faculty Handbook Policies about LMS  Link to Document