Respondus 4.0 Test Builder

Respondus 4.0 Test Builder 

Tuesday January 17, 2:00 – 3:00 pm Central/3:00 – 4:00 pm Eastern via Zoom 

Led by Susan Gallanis 

Respondus 4.0 Test Builder software is available to CUAA faculty to create and manage tests offline. Tests can be printed to paper or published to Blackboard. During this session participants will learn how to retrieve a Blackboard exam and convert it to an MS Word document. We will also demonstrate how to import test questions from an MS Word document into Respondus, then upload to your Blackboard course. 

Session Recording


Questions Answered:

  1. Can the question type Fill in Multiple Blanks be formatted on a document for import into Respondus 4.0? Yes. They question type is FMB and is included in the Word template.
  2. Can feedback be added when converting a Blackboard test to a Word document? Yes. The example I used during the session was only the Test, so providing feedback to answers isn’t applicable. If you wanted to convert a Blackboard test to an Exam WITH answers, the feedback option in the Respondus settings appears. See screenshot below.
  3. How are images formatted on a document for import into Respondus 4.0? For Word documents, you can just add the image to the document. For .txt documents do the following:
    1. First, be sure the images are in gif, jpg, or jpeg format and are contained in a separate folder.
    2. Then place the following tag at each place where an image should appear: [ img: “filename.jpg” ] . The word “filename.jpg” should be replaced with the actual file name. Example: 3) The interferometer, shown here [img: “interferometer.jpg”], was used by which of the following scientists?


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