Practices and Processes: Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Prior Learning Assessment is an approach to earning credit that allows all CU undergraduate students to demonstrate learning outside the traditional educational setting. The fee for reviewing such documentation is $75 per credit, which must be submitted at the time of review.  This session provides first, an overview of the policies, and how to direct students to the process and the required virtual workshop (about 30 minutes), followed by a more in-depth look at what students need to do to prepare materials, obtain supporting evidence and submit their Prior Learning Assessment petitions for consideration.

Prior learning credits, if awarded, may apply either toward the academic major or required elective coursework within the bachelor’s degree. The “physical development” requirement within Concordia’s elective core may also be met through the prior learning credit pathway. A maximum of 21 prior learning credits can be awarded and these credits may not be included within the thirty-six residency credits which must be completed at Concordia University for a bachelor’s degree. Prior Learning Assessment falls within the “transfer credit” policies of the Registrar’s Office and is supported by the CELT.


Here are the resources for this workshop that was held on Tuesday, June 28, Noon – 1:00 pm Central/1:00 – 2:00 pm Eastern time via Zoom



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