Program Learning Outcome (PLO) Review

During academic year 2019-2020, Concordia Department Chairs/Program Directors/ Assessment Coordinators are asked to review all Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) in academic programs, and align each PLO to one Global Learning Outcome (GLO).  All six GLOs should be represented in each major or graduate program. This alignment can be documented on the attached Alignment Worksheet: PLOs to GLOs distributed at the Faculty Retreat, August 12, 2019.

Alignment Worksheet Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) to Global Learning Outcomes (GLOs) Faculty Retreat August 12, 2019

For the June 2020 Assessment Report, use the following WORD version of the Alignment PLOs and GLOs worksheet to create a document for each program to upload in the Narrative portion of the report. That document needs both your alignments and the list of all your Program Learning Outcomes.

  1. Part I Outcomes column which asks for the “one program outcome best aligned” with each GLO.  We do not need the “Part I: Tools” column completed for this purpose.
  2. PART II List all of your Program Learning Outcomes here:
    Word version- PLOs to GLOs Alignment Worksheet and List of ALL PLOs Request

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