Mequon Adjunct Orientation

Mequon Adjunct Orientation (In-Person Classes) 

Wednesday January 3, 5:00 – 6:45 pm Central via Zoom 

Led by Susan Gallanis, Catherine (Kate) Robertson, Jason Lane, Ty Landers, Andrew Wahl, Garrett Stremski, Elizabeth Kirk, and Kathleen Hoppa-Grady 

Spring semester begins January 8! Are you ready? During this session for Mequon adjuncts teaching in-person classes, we will share important policies, where to find them as well as many resources that address first day teaching, student support, Academic Resource Center services, classroom AV, faith and learning, Blackboard, and more. 


Orientation PowerPoint

Christ at the Center PowerPoint

ARC Accessibility Resources

Interactive Techniques Handout

Class List Handout

Lesson Template and Script

Mequon Instructional Librarian Services

The Texts of the Catechism

Adjunct Faculty Handbook

How to Log Into One Drive

How to Share Files in One Drive

Getting Started with Panopto

Panopto Resources