Instructions for 2021-2022 Academic Program Assessment Reporting

This year the program Assessment Report will be very similar to last year’s report, in two parts, both available as online submissions.

A representative of every undergraduate major, stand-alone certificate and graduate or professional program for each campus should be able to complete Part 1 by  June 30, 2022 and Part 2 as soon thereafter as you have completed your assessment work for 2021-2022, hopefully no later than November 1, 2022. The last date for any submissions for 2021-2022 work is December 31, 2022.

Any data you submit should relate to student performance in academic year 2021-2022.  Data must be reported separately for each campus (Mequon and Ann Arbor), so if your program has students at both campuses, submit two separate Part 2 reports.

Further guidance for Part 1 and Part 2 is provided below.

Information on Part 1

Everyone should be able to complete Part 1.  If you are a new program and don’t yet have students, please submit only Part 1. If your assessment activities and data collection tools are identical across both campuses, complete one Part 1, and mark both campuses in the “which campus reporting for” drop-down question.

Part 1 includes a request to upload your current curriculum map.  The map should include all you Program Learning Outcomes, the alignment of the PLOs to the GLOs, including an explicitly stated connection of one PLO to GLO #1 Christian Faith. The map lists all required courses and shows where learning is introduced, developed and then assessed at the exit point. You can also include where learning in each PLO is assessed at the entry point (this is optional).

Here is the example curriculum map

Information on Part 2

Use this link to report your work and data from this past year connected to GLO #2

2021-2022: GLO #2 Data Collection, Conclusions, Improvements, Impact

For Part 2, you should be able to submit your work on at least one of your PLOs related to a past focus GLO,  if you don’t have anything yet to report on GLO #2.  If you have data on multiple GLOs, please complete reports for GLO #2 Service and Global Citizenship and GLO#1 Christian Faith.

During or after the data collection process, put your data in the five-point University Common Scale.

Significantly Below Expectations (1) Below Expectations (2) Meets Expectations (3) Exceeds Expectations (4) Significantly Exceeds Expectations (5)

If you haven’t collected, evaluated and made improvement plans for your PLO aligned with GLO #2 yet (keep working on it), you could share your work on GLO#1, GLO #4 or GLO#5 at these links.  Be sure any data you submit relates to student performance in academic year 2021-2022.

Word Walk-through of Part 1 Narrative is here: Part-1-Assessment-Report- Narrative-2021-2022-Overview-and-Walkthrough

Word Walk-through of Part 2 on GLO#2 is here: Part 2-Assessment Report 21-22 GLO2 Overview and Walkthrough

Word Walk-through of Part 2 on GLO#1 is here: Part-2-Assessment-Report-2021-2022-GLO1-Overview-and-Walkthrough

Word Walk-through of Part 2 on GLO#4 is here: Part 2- Assessment Report 2021-2022 GLO4 Walkthrough

If you have questions or problems with the forms, please contact Elizabeth Evans at or 262 243 4283.

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