Improve Your Spring Course Workshop

Whew! Congrats! You finished the whirlwind known as the end of the semester. This is the perfect time to review one of your courses and plan improvements for next time.  Bring your “student results” (your outputs) and your syllabus and your course “inputs” to this session.  What does your course look like from the student’s POV? How did the course results align with your hopes/ goals?  How did your organization, delivery of content, communication, evaluation strategies and instructional strategies make for effective learning? After review of a course, participants will identify changes to make for next time.  You can use the plan developed here as an example of your continuous improvement in your upcoming annual faculty evaluation in June. Discussion and workshop time are included. This workshop fits any course delivery, including online.

Here are the resources for this workshop that was held on Wednesday May 18, 9:00 – 11:00 am Central/10:00 – Noon Eastern on Zoom.


Improve Your Spring Course Presentation

Improve your Spring course Handout


Revised-blooms-chart and questioning strategies

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