Designing Your Course and Syllabus

Below are resources related to this program presented by Elizabeth Evans and Kate Robertson on January 15, 2020.

1A- Jan 2020 Syllabus Workshop

1B-Instructional Script Jan 2020

1C- Syllabus Workshop Outline January 2020

5- Rev Global Learning Outcomes Diagram Nov 1, 2018

6-University Liberal Arts Outcomes and Proficiencies-4

7- PLOs to GLOs CurriculumMap-Example_MS-Leadership

8- Effective Instruction at CU Model Color 14 Feb 2018 E Evans

9- Rev Bloom’s Taxonomy Triangle (Color)

10- BloomsTaxonomyVerbs

11- Blooms Taxonomy Wheel Color

12- revised-blooms-chart and questioning strategies

18- Spring 2020 Dates

19- CU Faculty Handbook Policies on LMS

The information on the syllabus template, instructions, writing a good course description, the credit hour, behavioral language, and connecting to the Global Learning Outcomes is here

For samples of well-written syllabi, please contact Elizabeth Evans at

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