Assessing the Impact of Optional Enrichment Materials on Students’ Exam Performance

The pharmacy law course at Concordia University was rebuilt from scratch for the Fall 2022 semesterContent, assessments, and enrichment questions were developed to align with the competencies for the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam (MPJE) pharmacist licensure examRequired course elements included lectures, post-lecture assignments and five examsOptional enrichment included more than 450 lectures/MPJE Competency-aligned Jeopardy-style practice questions. Enrichment also included the ability to repeat archived assignments after their due dates before exam dates.  This session will describe the methods used to develop and deliver the course, as well as share the data assessing the impact of the optional enrichment materials on students’ exam performance. 

Below is the session recording and resources for this program from April 20, 2023, presented by Michael Brown from the School of Pharmacy.




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