2019-2020 Academic Program Assessment Reporting

Instructions for 2019-2020 Academic Program Assessment Reporting

This year the Assessment Report will be in two parts, both available as online submissions. These online forms are self-explanatory but further guidance is provided below.

Part 1:  2019-2020: Program Assessment Report – Narrative
Part 2:  2019-2020: GLO #1 Christian Faith Data Collection

A representative of every undergraduate major, stand-alone certificate and graduate/professional program on each campus should be able to complete Part 1 by June 30, 2020 and Part 2 by November 1, 2020.

Guidance for Part 1: This online narrative form asks for information in four areas…your

  • program outcomes,
  • program assessment and curriculum development activities this past year,
  • Global Learning Outcome (GLO) #1 Christian Faith measurement tools, and
  • curricular activities related to Critical Thinking/Creative Problem Solving (GLO #4), which is the focus next year.

Last August at the Faculty Retreat you worked with your department to review the alignment of your Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) with the Global Learning Outcomes (GLOs).  The fruits of that alignment work are relevant to the narrative form which asks you to upload a document showing how your program learning outcomes align with the six university GLOs. The form also asks you to provide a list all of your program learning outcomes separately. The PLOs to GLOs alignment worksheet or a curriculum map can be used for this purpose.

An overview and Word replica of Part 1 online narrative form is available here.

Guidance for Part 2: After you have collected and evaluated data aligned with GLO #1 Christian Faith at the exit level of your program (and/or at an entry-level point, which not all programs can do), complete the second part of the Assessment Report 2019-2020: GLO #1 Christian Faith Data Collection. Data for the Ann Arbor campus must be reported separately from Mequon and Center data using this form.

An overview and Word replica of Part 2 online data collection form is available here.

If you have questions or problems with the forms, or have other data to report, please contact Elizabeth Evans at elizabeth.evans@cuw.edu or 262 243 4283.

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