Writing Intensive Resources

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Popham, W. (1997). What’s wrong – and what’s right – with rubrics. Educational Leadership55(2), 72–75. https://switch-cuw.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/discovery/fulldisplay?docid=gale_ofa20321540&context=PC&vid=01SLCO_CUW:CUW&search_scope=CUW&tab=MyInst_CI_and_EBSCO&lang=en

Wilson, M. (2007). Why I Won’t Be Using Rubrics to Respond to Students’ Writing. The English Journal, 96(4), 62-66. doi:10.2307/30047167 https://www-jstor-org.cuw.ezproxy.switchinc.org/stable/30047167

Winterim 2020 writing intensive courses (session handout)

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