Smart Board Software Links

Here is the information for the Smart Notebook Software.

If you would like to download the Smart Notebook Software to play with on your own computer, go to

You will be asked for a product key.  Please contact CELT for access to this key.  The license states that you can download the software for free on other computers, but may not use the software on competitor’s products, so you can’t use the software with a different brand of interactive white board (so you can’t use it on a Promethean Board).

You may also be interested in the social network on Ning for Smart Board using educators or  The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives, Shodor Interactivate, and NCTM Illuminations are great resources for any Interactive white board, computer lab activities, for a math center with a few classroom computers, or with 1 computer and a projector.

If you teach with a Promethean Board at some point I recommend checking out for resources for Promethean Boards.  Promethean Boards also have a great deal of resources.  I’m just not as familiar with those.   Let me know if you have any questions.

Nicole Muth Ph.D.

Concordia University Wisconsin

Middle Childhood Through Early Adolescence Department Chair