Oct 28 The Marriage of Faith and Reason and the Call to the Intellectual Life

Dr. Susan Mountin addressed the Concordia faculty at this October 28 presentation. If you missed it, here is the archived recording.

This seminar explored how faith and reason come together in the life of the academic. In the contemporary world, challenges exist in higher education that tend to separate faith and reason. But the origins of higher education have always been focused on preparing people for ministry. During the session participants will:
• explore the relationship between faith and reason starting with a Catholic theological and philosophical lens and
• name the unique contributions of the Lutheran tradition to this conversation and
• reflect on their own vocation as educators in the Lutheran Christian tradition

Dr. Susan Mountin

Susan M. Mountin, Ph.D,. is Director of Manresa for Faculty at Marquette University. She spent 25 years as a Campus Minister from 1977-2001. In 2002 she became director of the Manresa Project (a $2.5 million Lilly Endowment grant funded program for the Theological Exploration of Vocation); since 2010 she has expanded the work of the grant with faculty through the Center for Teaching and Learning at Marquette providing workshops and programs related to Marquette’s religious heritage. She has been an adjunct faculty member since 1977 teaching journalism, education, and theology courses. Her starting career was as a Catholic newspaper and magazine journalist.

Oct 21 How can I make my exams more about student learning and less about grades?

How many times have you heard the question “What’s going to be on the exam?”

If you missed today’s CELT Brown Bag Dialogue that addressed this question, you can still view the 20-Minute Mentor video from Magna Commons. Concordia has a subscription. To access go to my.cuw.edu, then to the CELT channel on the faculty tab.

Here’s a related article that discusses the value of having an exam review session written by today’s presenter Maryellen Weimer.

During her presentation, Dr. Weimer mentioned the work of Terence Favero. Read his article on this subject by following this link: http://advan.physiology.org/content/35/3/247 (Note: to access this article you will need to be on campus or use your Library card for authentication.)

Flipped Classroom

Here’s some resources for flipping your classroom.

A couple of videos that introduce the idea:

Introductory video 1

Introductory video 2

One thing neither video mentions is that you want to develop an assessment of some sort they take before they come to class so you know they did the work prior to coming to class. Dr. Bernard Bull calls that the “entrance ticket” to the face to face part of the class.:

Here is a link to the video presentation that Dr. Bull did at CUW on the Flipped Classroom:

Flipped Classroom video

Here’s a Summon library search with related matches. Faculty would need to be on campus or have their library ID available for authentication if off campus.   This link will update with additional resources.

Here’s an article about using the Flipped Classroom specific to continuing nursing education.