Mequon Traditional Adjunct Orientation

Are you ready for teaching the fall semester beginning August 29? This session for Mequon traditional adjuncts teaching in-person points you to vital information, including effective first session strategies, finding policies and resources, Academic Resource Center (ARC) services, taking attendance, Faith and Learning, classroom AV resources, and what is required in Blackboard/how to find Blackboard Resources.

Here are the resources for this workshop that was held on Wednesday, August 17, 5:00 – 6:45 pm Eastern via Zoom.

Recording 20220817-1

Other resources:

Grace, Faith, Scripture Portrait of a Lutheran, Facutly orientation, August, 2022

Begin with Intrigue The Teaching Professor

Concordia-University-Blackboard-Use-for-Faculty-August-2022 (5)

Final Fall-2022-Mequon-Adjunct Orientation 8-17-2022

Preparing for the First Day of Class


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