Guide for Storing and Sharing Video Files and Voiceover PowerPoint Files

Video files and voiceover PowerPoint files are larger files that can take up a lot of space. Blackboard courses have a finite amount of space before the maximum is reached. Faculty and students can use this guide for alternatives to uploading a large file directly to Blackboard.

  • OneDrive (Office 365) is the recommended tool for students.
  • Panopto is the recommended tool for faculty (for video files and voiceover PPT files converted to video).
  • For fully online courses, faculty work with an instructional designer. Your instructional designer will work with you to determine the best method for storing and sharing video files.

Faculty: Use the space in your Blackboard course efficiently with the Content Collection.
Learn about the Blackboard Content Collection with this short video.

Guide for Faculty and Students

A downloadable version of this guide is at the bottom of this page.

Tool Description For large files, best used for: Help and Resources
  • Office 365/OneDrive is the recommended tool for students.
  • OneDrive is part of Office 365 that all faculty, staff and students can access.
  • Includes access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook email.

  • Videos: upload video files (ex: mp4, wmv files) to OneDrive then share the link in the Blackboard assignment.
  • Voiceover PowerPoint: Record using Zoom or convert .ppt or pptx file to a video, upload the video to OneDrive, then share the link with others.

Faculty may use OneDrive or Panopto.

For help, contact the IT Help Desk:
CUW:, 262-243-4357.

CUAA:, 734-995-7424.

  • Panopto use is primarily for faculty. Students will use Panopto only if their instructor has enabled a Panopto Assignment in their Blackboard course.
  • Panopto is a video capture technology.
  • Some classrooms are equipped with Panopto for live lecture capture.
  • Faculty can use their laptop to record screen capture or voice over PowerPoint.
  • Faculty can upload .mp4 video files recorded with other software such as Zoom.
  • If used in a Blackboard course, students can record a screen capture or voiceover PowerPoint in Panopto then upload directly to a Blackboard Assignment (“drop box”).

  • Record screen captures or voiceover PowerPoints directly in Panopto.
  • Upload Zoom recordings to Panopto for long term storage and sharing (more than 180 days).
  • Add a Panopto assignment in Blackboard if you want students to make a recording in Panopto as part of an assignment.


  • If your instructor created a Panopto assignment, instructions for creating a Panopto video will be included with the assignment in Blackboard.

For help, contact the IT Help Desk:

CUW:, 262-243-4357.

CUAA:, 734-995-7424.

  • A third-party video recording and storage platform.
  • Content uploaded to YouTube becomes the intellectual property of YouTube.
  • The Online Instructional Design Team manages a CUWAA YouTube account for online courses.
  • Uploading videos to YouTube and sharing link, if user is comfortable using YouTube.
  • For online courses, faculty will work with the instructional designer to determine the best storage method for large files.


Downloadable Guide:

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