AE Business Management Program Outcomes

In every program, faculty identify what students should know, do, and value when they graduate. These learning goals, or program-level student learning outcomes, are an important part of curriculum oversight and development.   Attached is a document outlining the program outcomes for Business Management. How does your course contribute to these learning outcomes?   

We assess the program outcomes for Business Management  by reviewing the papers from AL474 The Business Plan. If you teach the Business Plan, it is important for you to evaluate  student learning in that course with these outcomes in mind.   If you teach a course prior to the Business Plan such as Marketing, Business Finance, or Accounting, please think about how your  course contributes to students knowing how to accomplish the learning evaluted in AL474.

All of the student learning outcomes in CUW programs are being reviewed and revised after assessment expert Susan Hatfield visited the campus in June.  Stay tuned for possible future changes as we consider adding the adult education programs to the School of Business and Legal Studies’ specialized accredition with IACBE.