Academic Program Review (APR) Process and Purpose

Concordia University
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
Academic Program Review (APR) Process and Purpose
Thursday, August 24, 2023 10-11 AM Central/11-12 noon Eastern
Presenters: Leah Dvorak, Brooke Johnson, Michele Hoffman, Elizabeth Evans
This session is for faculty and program leaders and focuses on our new process for Academic Program Review (APR) beginning in September. Topics include why this process is vital to a healthy program and the complement of academic programs at our university, and how the process will work. You will learn what information is provided by OIE and what information needs to be uploaded by program representatives. The system used for this process is new for APRST and will be explained in the August 22nd program on Academic Program Change. Those programs assigned to participate in September, October or November APR should send representatives to this session as well as the 8/22 session.    
Click here for a recording of the session.