Syllabus Template and Instructions

Attached are the syllabus template, instructions and credit hour policy currently in place for faculty at Concordia University.

Updated August 2021

Concordia-University-Syllabus-Template-August 2021

SyllabusTemplateInstructions 2020

Syllabus Cover Sheet November 2020

Course Description Guide January 2020

Credit Hour Policy

How to Connect to Global Learning Outcomes in CU Syllabus

Sample Syllabus Language for Behavioral Expectations

Reminder from Leah Dvorak, Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs

A change to any of the following components of a course syllabus require that the department or program submit the syllabus for review as a “revised” syllabus:

  • Course Title
  • Course Number
  • Credit Hours
  • Course description (aka catalog description)

This is to ensure that the university catalog, schedule, academic advising, and admission teams possess current, accurate information about all courses offered by the university.


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