Center Faculty Development Session – Thinking Critically about Teaching GLO #4: Creative Thinking/Creative Problem Solving

Here are the resources and recording for this session held 11/19/2020:

Resources used in the session:


Center Director Reminders (from end of this meeting)


PARTY 2020 Materials

Sessions held November 6 and November 9, 2020.

Recording of November 9 session

Final Party Slides November 2020 PARTY

Tammy Ferry’s PPT

Christian Faith 2019-2020 Data 11-1-20

Sample Curriculum Map – you can fill in your own Program Learning Outcomes and Courses and then identify where your PLOs are introduced, development and measured at the summative (exit) level of your program. You can also indicate where PLOs are evaluated at the entry level (this measurement is optional, while the exit level is required).

Critical Thinking Rubric using the University Common Scale – five points

Categories for GLO #4 Critical Thinking/Creative Problem Solving Detail – these are the areas to align your PLOs, assignments, and data  with on this years report next summer

Information about EAC for Outcomes Assessment

New Content Editor in Blackboard (November 2020)

The new Content Editor will result in a few different and better ways you can upload content into Blackboard.  You will see this change whenever you are adding text in Blackboard, such as posting in a discussion board, writing an essay answer to a test, or for faculty, creating or editing an item or writing a test question.  This change will affect how faculty add content as well as student submissions.

2020 Nov Content Editor Changes Quick Tools


video demo of common features (4 min)