AL and REL Courses

Blackboard Learn Tutorials for AL and REL Courses

Blackboard Basics for AL/REL Faculty: Link to Document/Link to Video
Blackboard Advanced Features (for Center Directors): Link to Document

The above resources and more: Click on this link to CELT Blog – Blackboard Resources for AL Faculty and Centers

Blackboard Learn Test Course for AL and REL Faculty

Each Center has a Blackboard Test Course called AL-107 (Center Name) Test Course 201530 01-23-2015. For example: AL-107 Beloit Test Course 201530 01-23-2015. Each Center Director is an instructor in their respective Center Test Course. Center Directors can add AL/REL faculty to the test course and use it in several ways:

  • For faculty new to Blackboard – A chance for new faculty to become familiar with Blackboard features such as Assignments (drop boxes), Discussion Boards, Inline Grading, and the Grade Center.
  • For a group training sessions – A chance for faculty to have hands on practice during a group training sessions (as scheduled by the Centers).

Instructions for adding a user to Blackboard Learn: Link to document

Course Copy Information for AL and REL Courses

Course Copy Procedure for Center Directors (including how to set course to open on a specific date): Course Copy AL Master Course to Live CRN 01032019
Bulk Delete Procedure: Link to Document  Follow this Bulk Delete procedure if you copied over a master course in error. DO NOT attempt to delete the course content manually.

Course Copy Schedule: 2019 2020 Calendar Dates for AL Course Copying, Course Opening, Revision Notification Master Courses Revisions for Centers 1106208
List of Master Courses Revisions: Master Courses Revisions for Centers 1106208 2019 2020 Calendar Dates for AL Course Copying, Course Opening, Revision Notification

Courses with a Video Conference Component

Center Directors have been added to the Blackboard Course “Teaching Via Video Conference” as an instructor. The procedures below explain how to add an instructor to the “TVVC” course and the goal of completing this self-paced course.

Instructions for Hiring Center to Register and Verify Center Faculy Passed TVVC 10042018
Instructions for Center Faculty to Access and Take TVVC Course 10042018

The MBA Program is responsible for adding MBA instructors at the Mequon campus.

MBA Courses

For most courses, faculty are responsible for setting up their course in Blackboard. Link to Blackboard Resources for MBA Faculty

Several courses now have master templates loaded for faculty and are (mostly) textbook free: MBA 500, 503, 504, 510, 511, 513, 530, 540, 552, 569, 578, 590, 600, and 610. These courses have course content including a student module (similar to AL courses), drop boxes, and grade center already built. In addition, an Instructor Guide is included within the Instructor Resources folder.

At this time course copying and opening of all MBA courses is managed by the MBA Program.

OLA Courses

The CELT is currently working on developing textbook-less master courses for OLA courses. When completed the masters will be copied to the live courses like the AL/REL courses.

Until OLA master courses are complete for face-to-face mode, Center Directors can contact CELT for help with copying the e-learning OLA master into the live course as a way to assist faculty with developing the course. However, OLA faculty are responsible for modifying the course for teaching it face-to-face. CELT is available to assist OLA faculty with course modifications.

Blackboard Learn resources for OLA faculty:

Other Programs Taught at Centers

For the programs listed below, faculty are responsible for designing their course in Blackboard; there are no master courses to be copied. Resources for faculty to use in designing their course are listed below. Contact the CELT if further assistance is needed.

Accounting – Taught at the Green Bay Center, Mequon, and Waukesha.

BSN – Taught at the Green Bay Center.

Early Childhood Education – Taught at Midtown Center.

Social Work – Taught at the Green Bay Center and Miller Park Way.

Blackboard Learn Basics for Faculty who are responsible for designing their face-to-face course (no master):
Link to documentlink to videolink to more resources.

Find Assignment Feedback and SafeAssign Report: Link to document

CELT Contact Information

Phone: 262-243-2358

800-377-7447 (option 2)

Email for Blackboard Learn help: (creates a HelpSpot ticket).