November 2019 Center Faculty Webinar

On November 4, 2019, Dan Paavola (Theology Faculty) discussed with Center Faculty, the three themes from his recent book “Grace, Faith, Scripture: Portrait of a Lutheran” (2019).

Link to video recording


About his book: Grace, faith, and Scripture. These three solas, or “alones”,  have long been used to characterize the unique theology of the Lutheran faith. The solas set up a relationship between God and us and between us and our neighbor.

Using stories and situations drawn from common relationships such as friendships and marriage, Daniel Paavola uses the three solas to deepen our understanding of Lutheran doctrine. The solas don’t encompass every single aspect of Lutheranism, but through them, we can get a picture of what it means to be a Lutheran.

CELT Programs at CUW – Fall 2019

Global Learning Outcome #1 Christian Faith is the Focus GLO for 2019-2020
Please join us for this program to develop your understanding of Christian Faith.

What it Means to Be Lutheran – Employee Book Study

with Rev. Dr. Dan Paavola on his book “Grace, Faith, Scripture: Portrait of a Lutheran” (2019).

All staff and faculty are welcome.
The book study will occur in three sessions in the Terrace Room Noon to 1pm.

  • Thursday September 26, 2019
  • Wednesday October 9, 2019
  • Thursday October 17, 2019

This book study Includes the option of lunch through the cafeteria line, and a copy of the book.

You must register in advance to participate. Deadline to register is Thursday September 12 at 5pm. If you cannot attend all sessions, indicate that when you register. [Registration is closed]

You need to be registered to attend at least one session to obtain a copy of the book. Those not already owning the book will be notified when the books are available in R008, the CELT Office.

Advance Reading: Read Part I of the book prior to September 26, Part II prior to October 9, and Part III prior to October 17.

Concordia Faculty Seminar – Drs. Watry-Christian and Daugherty

Monday, September 9, Noon – 1:00 pm in the Lakeshore Room
Introduced by Leah Dvorak

Meghan Watry-Christian, Occupational Therapy Department, School of Health Professions at Mequon, recently completed her Ph.D. in Special Education from Northcentral University. She will talk about her research related to her dissertation, “Exploring Postsecondary Transition Factors Related to Quality of Life in Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders.”

Dr. Ryan Daugherty, Social Science Department, School of Arts and Sciences at Mequon, recently completed his Ph.D. at the University of Kansas in Political Science. He will talk his research related to his dissertation, “Challenge of Ethnicity? Ethnic Diversity and Democratic Representation.”

Concordia Faculty Seminars are informal interactive presentations and conversations on faculty projects including grants, research, and service designed to promote scholarship, spark new ideas, provide opportunities for meaningful discussion, and increase collaboration. Faculty, staff and students are welcome at attend. Up to 15 free lunches are available for faculty who register in advance.

Let’s Talk About GLO #1 Christian Faith and Education with Brad Alles, School of Education

Tuesday September 10, 3:00pm to 4:00pm Central

Location: LU006 Media Viewing Room on the Mequon Campus or use Zoom on your own computer.

This session is an introduction to integrating faith into life, teachable moments, and classroom content, giving brief examples used in education courses from philosophy, psychology, sociology, law, politics, economics, and history.

A Conversation About Writing-Intensive Courses with Sally Canapa

Thursday September 12, Noon – 1:00 pm in the Lakeshore Room

This program will provide faculty who are now teaching a writing-intensive course, or are contemplating teaching such a course in the future, an opportunity to learn about the pedagogy informing this initiative. Possible approaches will be presented and discussed, and faculty will have the opportunity to offer their ideas and ask questions.

This is the first of two Fall programs that address designing and teaching writing-intensive courses and are also related to Global Learning Outcome (GLO) #5 – Communicative Fluency. Faculty do not need to attend both workshops. Up to 15 free lunches are available for faculty who register in advance.

Measuring Student Learning for Program GLOs and NetVUE Learning Activities with Elizabeth Evans and Susan Gallanis

Monday, September 30, Noon – 1:00pm in the Lakeshore Room

Intended Audience:
1. Faculty or instructional staff working on program assessment
2. NetVUE Participants.

As a follow up to the August 15th session on TEACHING, LEARNING and EVALUATION through the Global Learning Outcomes (GLOs), program assessment coordinators are invited to learn more the rubrics that can be connected in Blackboard to collect data on GLO #5 Communicative Fluency and GLO #1 Christian Faith, and potentially other GLOs. NetVUE Grant Participants will learn more about the various options for connecting their grading of student learning activities to the reporting process for this grant in Blackboard.

Let’s Talk About GLO #1 Christian Faith and Ethics with Kevin Voss, Philosophy Department

Tuesday October 1, 3:00 – 4:00 pm Central / 4:00 – 5:00 pm Eastern

Location: LU006 Media Viewing Room on the Mequon Campus and Zoom to SCI 102 on the Ann Arbor Campus, or use Zoom on your own computer.

The study of Ethics offers a natural place to introduce important elements of the Christian faith. Simple tips will be provided on how instructors and program directors can apply basic Christian teaching to problems and moral dilemmas in a helpful, nonthreatening manner.

Designing Writing-Intensive Courses: Writing to Learn with Sally Canapa

Thursday October 3, Noon – 1:00 pm in the Lakeshore Room

This program for faculty will include “hands-on” crafting of discipline-specific writing assignments for writing-intensive courses. Concerns and questions will also be addressed.

This is the second of two Fall programs that address designing and teaching writing-intensive courses and are also related to Global Learning Outcome (GLO) #5 – Communicative Fluency. Faculty can attend this program even if they didn’t attend the first session in September. Up to 15 free lunches are available for faculty who register in advance.

5-Star Student Experience for Faculty Presentation Recordings

Embody our Christian mission and display hospitality and generosity

  • Our commitment to students means that our Christ-like care and concern for students is inherent and apparent
  • We are at our best when we carefully guide students to fulfill their professional and personal callings

Presenter: Mike Brown


Demonstrate student-centered communication

  • We communicate with students clearly, accurately and promptly
  • Our communication with students is thoughtful; we listen actively and speak with kindness

Presenters: Scott van Ornum, Lori Woodall


Serve students and meet their needs, wherever and whoever they are

  • We treat our students fairly, equitably and generously as our neighbors
  • We meet our students where they are, recognizing that all are God’s children who are here by His purpose

Presenters: Eugene Pitchford, Colleen Fenno


Provide accurate, timely information

  • We follow our own policies about attendance, grading, and syllabi, recognizing that accuracy and timeliness in these matters helps students to succeed
  • Our syllabi and Blackboard course sites are welcoming learning environments and complement the classroom experience

Presenters: Katrina Serwe, Susan Gallanis, Amanda Reitz


CUW New and Returning Faculty Development Day 2019 – Handouts

Here are the handouts for the sessions that occurred on the Mequon campus on August 14, 2019.

Course Design and Syllabus Construction – Elizabeth Evans and Kate Robertson

Blackboard Basics

Faculty Resources

Active Lecturing

Blackboard Tests and Respondus LockDown Browser


Handouts – Zoom Occasional Use for Instructional Hours

Below are the handouts used for the August 5, 2019 (2:00 – 3:00 pm) session Zoom for Instructional Hours: “Occasional Use” Hands On Demonstration.

Although not covered in this session, Blackboard Collaborate may also be used (instead of Zoom) for these purposes. Link to Blackboard Collaborate resources