CELT Programs at CUAA – Fall 2018

Further Dialogue on Creating and Changing Academic Programs
Presented by Bernard Bull

Wednesday September 5, 4:00 – 5:00 pm in the Manor Ballroom

Following the presentation to faculty on August 13 about the new process for creating and changing academic programs, Bernard Bull will lead a conversation highlighting how the process would work. Faculty are encouraged to bring ideas for new programs or program changes to create examples for the conversation.

Critical Conversations: Curriculum in a Post-Christian Culture
Led by Bernard Bull

Thursday September 6, 3:30 – 5:00pm in the Manor Living Room

This session is for faculty. During this session, we will consider curriculum in light of the current culture, a culture in which Christian teachings are sometimes defined or framed as intolerant, irrelevant, bigoted, and even potentially illegal. What are the implications for what and how we teach? How do we prepare students for faith and life in such a context?

Student Evaluation of Teaching: Getting the Meaningful Results You Want
Led by Robert Hill

Monday September 17, 4:10—4:50 pm in Science 101

The focus of this session is how to get your students to complete their online teaching evaluations and to take them seriously, a process that begins long before the end of the semester. We will explore strategies to solicit detailed, meaningful, and helpful student feedback.

CUAA Syllabus Construction Workshop (August 8, 2018)

This Fall Georgia Kreiger led this session. Below are related handouts.

Course Design and Syllabus Construction Workshop Outline Link to Document

PowerPoint Slides  Link to Document

Board Global Ends Policy Diagram + University Liberal Arts Outcomes and Proficiencies (ULOAs) https://www.cuw.edu/about/offices/institutional-effectiveness/_assets/University%20Liberal%20Arts%20Outcomes%20and%20Proficiencies.pdf

Draft of Possible Evaluation of Instruction at CU Model  Link to Document

Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy  Link to Document

Bloom’s Taxonomy Verbs  Link to Document

Bloom’s Taxonomy Wheel http://www.heybradfords.com/moonlight/files/CV/ProfSampleFiles/CDWS/bloom_revised_taxonomy_fB1-graphic.jpg

Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy Process Verbs, Assessments, and Questioning Strategies https://www.cloud.edu/Assets/PDFs/assessment/revised-blooms-chart.pdf

Elements of the Concordia Syllabus Link to Document

Syllabus Template, Instructions and Credit Hour Policy http://celt.cuw.edu/syllabus-template-and-instructions/

Sample Syllabus Language for Behavioral Expectations  Link to Document

Fall 2018 Semester Schedule  Link to Document

Faculty Handbook Policies about LMS  Link to Document