Program Learning Outcome (PLO) Review

During academic year 2019-2020, Concordia Department Chairs/Program Directors/ Assessment Coordinators are asked to review all Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) in academic programs, and align each PLO to one Global Learning Outcome (GLO).  All six GLOs should be represented in each major or graduate program. This alignment can be documented on the attached Alignment Worksheet: PLOs to GLOs distributed at the Faculty Retreat, August 12, 2019.

Alignment Worksheet Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) to Global Learning Outcomes (GLOs) Faculty Retreat August 12, 2019

Global Learning Outcome #1 Christian Faith – How Concordia Faculty Embed Christian Faith into Course Work

Global Learning Outcome #1: Christian Faith – Our graduates are grounded in the Christian faith while also recognizing other major worldviews and how they differ from a Christian understanding of the world.

See how Concordia Faculty embed Christian Faith in course work, organized in the following categories:

  1. Knowledge of Bible content: link to activities
  2. Bible knowledge/Christian Faith applied to contemporary, organizational, or professional situations or problems: link to activities
  3. Understanding how Christian Faith informs exploration of one’s vocation or applying Christian Faith to personal and vocational contexts: link to activities
  4. Recognition of other major worldviews and how they differ from a Christian understanding of the world: link to activities

More about the Global Learning Outcomes here: link

Teaching Effective Professional Communication

On Wednesday, October 31, 2018 this year’s Faculty Laureate Carrie Jo Scheel (OT) presented “Teaching Effective Professional Communication”.

The program included sharing her expectations and evaluation of OT students’ oral and written communication while making presentations.This session is part of this year’s focus on Global Learning Outcome #5 Communicative Fluency.

Related handouts are below.


Presentation Powerpoint

Presentation Rubric