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Adaptive ReleaseDOC
Assignment Using a Rubric- How to GradeDOC
Assignment- How to CreateDOCCreate an Assignment AND Inline Grading: Video Clip
Assignment- How to Delete and Allow Additional AttemptDOC
Assignment- How to Provide Audio and Video FeedbackDOC
Assignment: Provide Audio and Video Feedback on an Assignment in BlackboardVideo
Bulk Delete DOC
Color Code the Grade Center- How toDOC
Common Test Question Types: True/Fall, Multiple Choice, Matching, Hot SpotDOC
Content Editor - Updated in Blackboard Fall 2020Link to resources
Content Folder- How to AddDOCVideo Clip
Copy Course Content from one Course to AnotherDOC
Course Banner- How to AddDOC
Course Content- How to View and EditDOCVideo Clip
Course Copy (Entire Course) from a Blackboard Course to Another Blackboard CourseDOC
Course MessagesDOC
Course Theme Colors- How to ChangeDOC
Courses on My Courses- How to HideDOC
Date Management (bulk change due dates)Link to Blackboard Help PageVideo Tutorial
Discussion Boards- How to View, Subscribe, Read and RespondDOCVideo Clip - Subscribe
Video Clip - View, Read, and Respond
Discussion Forum- How to CreateDOCVideo Clip
Discussion Forums- How to GradeDOCVideo Clip
Email Tool in BlackboardDOC
File- How to UploadDOCVideo Clip
Grade Center - Create a Weighted Column for a CategoryVideo Clip
Grade Center - Create and Average ColumnVideo Clip
Grade Center - If you have to remove a zero after a student submits an assignmentVideo Clip
Grade Center - Set an assignment to show Pass/FailVideo Clip
Grade Center - Set Primary and Secondary Display for Final Grade ColumnVideo Clip
Grade Center - Set the External GradeVideo Clip
Grade Center Columns- How to FilterDOC
Grade Center Smart ViewsDOC
Grade Center Troubleshooting TipsDOC
Grade Center- Overview and Set UpDOCVideo
Grades from Blackboard Learn to an Excel Spreadsheet- How to DownloadDOC
Group Assignment- How to Create and GradeDOCVideo Clip - Create
Video Clip - Grade
Group Courses by TermDOCVideo Clip
Group Discussion Board - How to CreateVideo Clip
Group Tools in BlackboardDOC
Groups - Student ViewVideo Clip
Groups- How to CreateDOCVideo Clip
Inline Grading- How to Grade a Blackboard AssignmentDOCInline Grading and Adding an Assignment: Video Clip
Item (Text, Image, Link or Document)- How to AddDOC
Jot Assignment- How to AddDOC
Journal - How to GradeVideo Clip
Journal - How to Set UpVideo Clip
Journal - Link it in Multiple Locations in your CourseVideo Clip
Log In and Find Your CourseDOCVideo Clip
Module to the Home Page of your Course- How to AddDOC
Needs Grading Using the Content LibraryVideo
Open a Course- How to Open and Set the Date it OpensDOCVideo
Open Course to StudentsDOCVideo
Portfolios in BlackboardDOC
Question Pools- How to CreateDOC
Rubric- How to Attach to an AssignmentDOC
Rubric- How to Copy to Another CourseDOC
Rubric- How to CreateDOC
SafeAssignment (Direct Submissions)DOC
Save Space in Your CourseDOC
Student Preview Mode- How to ViewDOC
Student Success Reports in Your Blackboard CourseDOC
Test Availability - How to Set Exceptions for AccommodationsDOC
Test Student- How to AddDOC
Test- Copy from one Course to AnotherDOC
Test- How to CreateDOC
Test- How to Deploy (Connect to Content Page)DOC
Tests - Explanation of Feedback Options to StudentsLink to Blackboard Resource
User- How to AddDOC
Web Link- How to AddDOC
YouTube Mashup Tool (Another Way to Add a Video)- How to AddDOC
YouTube Video into an Item- How to EmbedDOC