This page is for faculty who teach AL courses (face-to-face, not through OCDE).

If you are faculty who teach face-to-face or blended courses (not Accelerated Learning courses, not courses through OCDE) and must design your own course in Blackboard Learn, click here for additional resources.

Tutorials for AL Faculty

Complete training tutorial for AL Faculty teaching AL or REL courses at the Centers:
Link to handout: AL Blackboard Basics 09222017
Link to corresponding video:

Below is the complete training for AL Faculty, broken down by topic. It is in the same order as the complete tutorial (above) but in smaller, more manageable chunks.

Log in, Find your course, NavigationHandoutVideo
Student Preview ModeHandoutVideo
Upload a file (introductory and contact information)HandoutVideo
Create a folderHandoutVideo
Discussion Boards: View, subscribe, read, and respondHandoutVideo
Grading a Discussion ForumHandoutVideo
View and grade written assignmentsHandoutVideo
Delete an AssignmentHandoutVideo
The Grade CenterHandoutVideo
Send Course EmailHandoutVideo
Create a course announcementHandoutVideo
Download grades to an Excel spreadsheetHandoutVideo

Help for Students

There is also a Blackboard Learn channel on the portal, under the Student tab, with resources for students.

Here is a link to 24-videos playlist, made by Blackboard to assist students

Short video tutorials for various actions are below:

Handouts to share with students